Analytics Infrastructure, Data Warehousing, Backup, and Restore

data warehousing

The Complete Solution to Business Intelligence Problems Facing Enterprises

From basic reporting and analysis to active enterprise-wide data warehousing, discovery using multi-genre analytics, or low-cost data storage, Teradata delivers analytic solutions for business intelligence problems facing any enterprise.

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  • Teradata Optimized Analytics Infrastructure 

Teradata IntelliFlex®

Need scalable enterprise analytics with revolutionary next-generation MPP architecture and self-service software controls for independent scaling of processing power and data capacity? IntelliFlex is the answer.

Teradata Intelliflex

Teradata IntelliBase™

A compact, fully-integrated environment for data warehousing, iterative data exploration, and low-cost data storage.

Teradata IntelliBase

  • Teradata IntelliFlex®
  • Teradata IntelliBase™

Teradata Backup and Restore (BAR)

Teradata BAR protects data, reduces multi-source rebuild needs, and eliminates the time-consuming, difficult embedded business intelligence re-creation process.

Data Protection and Recoverability