Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics

Get the bigger picture of your customers.

See how Vantage CX anticipates and predicts customer needs, turning insights into action. See how Vantage CX anticipates and predicts customer needs, turning insights into action.

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Simple tools for complex analytics.

See how Vantage Analyst identifies opportunities through advanced machine learning analytics and workflows enabling analysts to drive greater business outcomes.

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Doing for Analytics What We Did For Data

Learn about the current state of data and how Vantage uncovers actionable answers to the toughest business questions

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Predictive Analytics. Prescriptive Analytics

TechBytes - Teradata Analytic Functions Overview

Look inside the new Vantage advanced analytic functions, how they’re used, and their use cases.

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Advanced SQL Engine

Enable descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics with integrated data. Implement complex analytics and algorithms through a simple, intuitive SQL language that’s compatible with your preferred business analytics tools.

Tools and Languages

Vantage supports R, Python, Teradata Studio, Jupyter, RStudio, and any SQL-based tool, with each tool supported through plug-ins, extensions, and connectors.

Machine Learning Engine

Teradata software lets you write powerful, highly expressive machine learning functions with more than 180 prebuilt analytic functions.

Data Store

Gain a persistent single view of business data with multi-layout storage of relational tables, flexible data storage strategy, and automatic even distribution among processors.

Graph Engine

Identify and measure relationships between people, products, and processes with additional prebuilt graph analytic functions to easily solve complex business problems.


Integrated component of the Advanced SQL Engine enabling companies to easily connect, access, and analyze data within low-cost object stores in the cloud such as Amazon S3 and Azure Blob.

On Premise

Our premier on-premises solution, built from the ground up to be mission-critical with the highest performance, availability, responsiveness, and scalability.

Do It Yourself

Deploy and manage Vantage systems yourself using standard AWS and Azure infrastructure. With Vantage, you get flexible subscription pricing and full analytic ecosystem customization.


When consumed as-a-service, Vantage provides secure, scalable, single-tenant environments in which we provision and maintain the system so you can focus on answers, not IT.

Teradata Vantage™ on VMware

This alternative to on-premise and cloud deployment options takes advantage of your existing virtualization infrastructure and server pool.

NewSQL Engine

Gain access to a wide range of embedded analytic functions that enables you to run complex business analytics at scale.

Teradata QueryGrid™

Teradata QueryGrid software seamlessly orchestrates the use of multiple analytic engines and file systems, freeing the user to concentrate on their analysis.

Teradata AppCenter

With prebuilt features, data scientists and developers can build, share, and deploy analytics, while business users seamlessly run apps, visually study results, and share insights.

Teradata Data Lab

Give users the power and freedom to explore and examine new and existing data to pinpoint new trends, uncover business intelligence, and address pressing business issues. 


Teradata can rapidly and easily migrate existing higher-value Hadoop data and processes to Teradata Vantage and lower-value data to low-cost object storage in the cloud. See how it's done.

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